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From There!
  • Author: Br. Michael Fernandes

Many times people land into bondage and go through the furnace of affliction. In such situations they lament saying, “Now, what do I do?” The Prodigal Son consciously decided to go away from his father. He was with the father. He knew his father and yet he rejected his father. You or someone you know may be in a similar situation. I believe the Lord would say unto you, “though you have gone away from me but from there if you seek me. Even in the read more...

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Knowing His Name
  • Author: Br. Michael Fernandes

The name you know someone by says a lot about the nature of your relationship with that person. For instance, everyone is expected to address the president of the United States as Mr. President. This title is meant to be respectful, and for those who haven’t met the president, this is an appropriate name. But it’s not very intimate is it? Can you imagine the president’s children running into his arms for a hug and calling him Mr. President? Prob read more...

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  • Praises

    Mrs Nevida Quadros
    Since 5 years, I could not see with my left eye. I attended the WOW-WJ Service at Bandra on Tuesday, April 8, 2014. During the healing service, the power of God came upon me and I was completely healed. My left eye sight was restored. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Doc (Mr.) Devesh Tiwari
    I attended the WOW-WJ Service at Bandra on Tuesday, April 8, 2014. During the service, Bro. Francis revealed that some brother who is facing failure after failure, his hard work is now getting over. I have quit from the position of Director of hospital and my clinic is shut down since 9 years. I am working hard on networking business, but not getting break-through.. In faith, I received the word over my life. I believe my hard work is getting over.
  • Praises

    Mrs Shamim Banu
    I was on medication for 4 years for various ailments. I regularly attend the WOW-WJ Service and with faith have been applying anointed oil on the bone growth and on my body for healing. Through the use of the anointed oil, the bone growth has disappeared and I am feeling better in health. I am not taking medication since 5 months. I give glory and honour to the Lord God Almighty.
  • Praises

    Mrs Lorna Fernandes
    God has blessed me and my household through the Karuna Sadan Ministries. (1) After 4 months of joblessness, my husband Joseph was called back to work in Bahrain. (2) On March 14, due to collapse of a tile, many lives were in danger and houses destroyed completely. God's hand of protection was upon us and we were safe along with some other residents in the area. (3) God's protected my daughter Liana from infection and the effects of chemotheraphy. As confirmed by Bro. Michael, I believe that God has healed my daughter. I give glory and honour to the Lord God Almighty.
  • Praises

    Ms Neelam Chug
    My sister was suffering from cancer of the urinary bladder. She completed 4 sessions of chemotherapy. Her condition was very critical and doctor advised surgery with only 10% chances of her survival. In this situation, I simply trusted in Jesus and requested J12 leaders and Bro. Michael for prayers for my sister's successful operation. After the operation she was supposed to be in the ICU. But, by the grace of God, her condition was good and she was put in the general ward. The operation was successful. Her biopsy reports showed that everything was in control and normal. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Mrs Elizabeth Ambrose
    I am regularly attending WOW-WJ Service since 3 weeks. I was suffering from severe pain in my left leg and walking with a limp. I started praying for healing applying the anointed oil. I am now completely healed of the left leg condition – no pain and no limping. I give glory and honour to the Lord God Almighty.
  • Praises

    Mrs Dorothy Galbano
    I was suffering due to swelling. When I consulted the doctors, they were not possible to understand the reason of the swelling. I prayed for healing using the Word of God and I was healed of the swelling. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Mr Paul Barretto
    My son was suffering from bleeding in the nose for 2 days. I called one of the English Meeting Team members and requested for prayers. Instantly, my son was healed in the mighty name of Jesus. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Mr Ralph Fernandes
    I had been praying to the Lord to make a way for me to attend the English Prayer Service since I had issues at my work place. God answered my prayers by making it possible for me to attend the English prayer service. So I praise and thank God.
  • Praises

    Miss Rajeshree Jagtap
    I attend the English Prayer Service at the Karuna Sadan Hall, Kurla on Sundays. (1) God saved me when I was about to fall. (2) I prayed for release of my ID Card and God answered my prayers helping me to enter the college. So I praise and thank God.
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